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Buy Casio Keyboard at the Best Price in Nepal

Casio keyboard is one of the most popular keyboards and piano companies in the world. It is a great keyboard to start to play with and best for beginners to professional. Casio is the best-selling and famous brand of the keyboard in Nepal. Get the best deals on Casio keyboard in Nepal at Treasure Music Store.

The Popular Casio Keyboard Price in Nepal :

  • Casio SA-78 price range is Rs 5,900 to Rs 6,500
  • Casio CTK 3500 price range is Rs 19,500 to Rs 22,500
  • Casio CT-X 8000 IN price range is Rs 39,000 to Rs 43,000
  • Casio CT-S 300 price range is Rs 20,500 to 22,500
  • Casio CT-S 200 price range is Rs 16,250 to Rs 18,500