Alice AP100JSM Big Stubby Guitar Picks 2mm, Pack of 6


  • ♦Perfect for Guitarist♦ Set of 6 hard wearing stubby style plectrums so you’ll never run out. Variety of colours.
  • ♦Quality Material♦ Produced from the same high grade material as many leading brands. These picks featured a a textured area for secure grip, guarding against slipping or rotating during use
  • ♦Great Tone♦ Because this type of pick is fairly thick, they lend themselves to producting a warm fat tone. They are usually favoured for solo or single line playing.
  • ♦Gauge♦ 2mm. This style of picks is usually 1mm or thicker and are excellent for plenty of attack and fast picking. Large Size 29mm(h) X 25mm(w)