What HEX Guitar do famous Nepali artists use?

Ever wondered what instruments famous artists use? If you are curious about what guitar Nepali artists use, here is a list of artists with their guitars:

1. Nabin K. Bhattarai

Nabin K Bhattarai is a Nepali singer, songwriter, and composer. Nabin K Bhattarai started his musical career in 1990 with the band “The Steel Wheels” as the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band. Currently, he uses HEX Hive P100 M Parlor Guitar.

2. Almoda Rana Uprety

Almoda Rana Uprety is a Nepalese singer. He has released songs such as “Funtastic (Pani Paryo)”, “Kaile Vetne Khai”, “Timi Ma Sanga”, Kaile Vetne Khai 2 (Nyasro)” and “Jyanle Timlai”. He uses HEX Sting GA300CE M and HEX Hive P100E M Parlor guitar.

3. Trishna Gurung

Trishna Gurung is a Nepali singer and also a coach of The Voice of Nepal Season 3, a reality show. She sang popular numbers, including the title song of Maya Pirati, Khani ho yahmu, Gaine Dajaile , Khani ho yamu, etc. She uses HEX Hive P100 M Parlor guitar.

4. Sanjeev Baraili

Sanjeev Baraili is a Nepali musician, guitarist, music arranger & composer. He uses HEX Sting GA300CE M.

5. Nishant Acharya

Nishant Acharya is a guitarist and musician. He uses HEX Hive P100E M Parlor Guitar.

6. Roshan Sharma

Roshan Sharma is prolific in creating guitar riffs, and his varied style involves various guitar tunings. He is widely regarded as the most significant Guitarist, whose performances are engrossing. Roshan is a guitarist and a Mohan Veena player. A disciple of Grammy Award Winner Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and a member of Band Urja!! He uses HEX Sting GA300CE M.

7. Deep Rasaily

Deep is a singer and musician. He is the vocalist of The Frozen band, the winner of the band champions Nepal. He uses HEX Sting GA300CE M.

8. Bekcha

Bekcha is a Nepali singer. He uses HEX Hive P100E M Parlor.

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