Manaslu 32 Keys Melodica – Painika with Premium Eva Case


    • Brand : Manaslu
    • Model : 32 Keys Melodica / Painika with Eva case
    • Includes a high quality EVA case with Manaslu logo, sleeves to hold the mouthpiece and the extension hose in place
    • Durable brass reeds that will maintain your Melodica in perfect pitch for long time
    • 32 keys melodica, each key with the note on it, easy for students or beginners to play and learn
    • Each melodica has a Eva rubber case, so that you can paly it anywhere
    • Each note tuning and durable
    • Includes: Mouthpiece, Extension Hose, Cleaning Cloth and Manaslu Eva Black Molded Zipper Case
    • Available Color : Black and Blue