Alctron VB660 Acoustic Diffuser Screen, Portable Vocal Booth


  • Isolation and diffusion to help you gain control of your acoustic environment
  • Capture a great-sounding recording anywhere
  • Blue, black, grey, and red are four colors available
  • Adjustable extension bar makes mic in your ideal position
  • High-quality ABS material with plastic injection processing
  • Concise and beautiful, sturdy and durable
  • Colorful looking with fleece fitting well
  • Elegant and stable
  • More professional in the studio
  • High-quality absorption fleece
  • Features better touching feeling and obvious absorbing effect
  • Polyester fiber with powerful attach ability
  • After special processing, absorbing ability is better
  • Cleaning unwanted noise effectively
  • Adopts four-layer absorbing and noise-canceling processing
  • Four-layer difference acoustic materials
  • Filters sound section by section
  • Enhances sound quality
  • Adopts internal hole design that let the sound go smooth
  • Avoids producing mixing
  • And reducing noise better
  • Adopts telescopic bar design
  • According to mic length and size
  • Adjust telescopic bar and screen
  • Let your mic in your ideal position