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Buying an Acoustic Guitar in Nepal? Consider these crucial things

1. The anatomy of an acoustic guitar A guitar can be divided into 3 sections – head, neck and body. As you can see in the image, each section has different parts. 2. Purpose and Budget What is the reason for you to use your guitar? What’s your budget? Answer these questions before you look […]

How to choose a guitar amplifier | Electric Guitar Amp Buying Guide

Types of Amplifiers Combo vs. Stack Guitar Amps for Live, Studio, and Practice, Guitar AMP Size and Portability Speakers and Guitar Amp Wattage Others   Types of Amplifiers Valve amplifiers are probably what you have heard on almost every electric guitar record. They are the professional’s choice since their responsiveness and tone are unmatched. They […]

Why Hex Guitar is perfect for Nepali Guitarists?

Made in Indonesia, Hex guitar is here to lead the changing trend of musical instruments by combining the latest technology with faithfulness that emphasizes the traditional method and basics. Hex Guitar is a brand of Korea making a good name for itself with its quality products at affordable prices best suited for guitarists in Nepal. […]