Top 5 best piano keyboards to buy under Rs 10,000 in Nepal

Piano is a versatile instrument, from classical, jazz to contemporary music, whichever your interest maybe Piano surely adds that soothing sensation to any type of music. 

We understand, for many of us as music enthusiasts, buying a piano is not a cheap endeavour, but finding the right one that is worth the investment and something that can last for a long period is something every one of us is looking for. 

Whether you’re a professional pianist, a beginner, or just someone who’s drawn to play the piano, trust us there are a lot of options out there in the Nepali market.

We’ve got you covered, with our 6 best piano keyboards you can buy easily here in Nepal at the most affordable price.

  1. Casio SA-80 Digital Keyboard

    Casiotone SA-80 Mini Keyboard, White (44 Keys)-01
    This beauty,
    Casio SA-80 44 keys mini keyboard offers all discoverers of music the essentials for playing those first tunes. It features 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 integrated songs providing variety – the LSI sound source and the 8-note polyphony ensure amazing sound quality.

    This digital portable keyboard from Casio incorporates an on-board button for easy switching of sound, and also comes with a variety of sounds. All thanks to its adapter, which comes along with the keyboard, so you can easily charge the keyboard and continue playing it without any hassle.

    This is also one great choice for beginners as you can buy it for a surprising price of only Rs 7000, with a 1-year brand guarantee. 


  2. Casio SA-81 Digital Keyboard

    SA-81 is popularly also referred to as the big brother of SA-80. When people look at the module they slightly also get confused as both the models look visually similar. 

    It is a perfect choice for toddlers and beginners, as it is extremely lightweight and portable, which comes at one of the most reasonable price tags. For this price range, Casio SA -81 could also be a valuable option for starters. 

    If you’re looking for a present for a beginner learning a piano, this could be a perfect gift.

  3. Casio SA-50 Digital Portable Keyboard (32 Keys)

    A portable keyboard specially designed for children Casio SA-50 has a compact size, small key, colourful design that will not just appeal to children but also musically inclined adults will not be able to resist it. 

    This eye-catching keyboard comes with built-in tones, sound effects and rhythms which makes it uniquely engaging, Also with a price of only ₨ 5,700 it would be a great gift for your musical friends, for camping or for road trips. Casio SA-50 is indeed a very good value for money and comes with a 1-year brand guarantee.Casiotone SA-50 Mini Keyboard, White (32 Keys)-03


  4. Yamaha PSS-F30:

    If you’re a keyboardist who is looking for a portable keyboard, at the best price in Nepal, we have a great option picked for you, it’s none other than Yamaha PSS-F30. It’s easily portable so count it in as one of the best travel companion. 

    This keyboard comes with dozens of features, first mainly being super easy to use and also best known for being highly functional. Yamaha Portable Keyboard PSS-F30 comes in a value between Rs 8500 – 9500 and is an incredible option for those instrument lovers looking for a lightweight transportable keyboard.

  5. Casio MA 150

    Trying to buy a keyboard that is ideal for beginners?

    Well, if your answer is yes, Casio MA-150 digital keyboard could be the best option for you. It comes with 49 mini-sized keys and is perfect for anyone who is a beginner as it helps you improve your keyboard playing- skills. You can choose from over 50 tones and also mix it up by choosing from over 30 rhythms.

    Casio MA-150 comes under the most reasonable price around Rs7000 -Rs8000 packed with versatile sounds that enable you to tune as you wish.

  6. Medeli MC 37

    Designed as the perfect starter keyboard, Medeli MC 37 falls under our top 5 picks of keyboards to buy at the best price in Nepal. It is equipped with 49 keys, 100 styles and comes with excellent playability. There is also a built-in smart learning mode that provides various ways to help you learn to play the keyboard. It’s absolutely the best choice to learn and practice new songs, take lessons.

    Excellent choice for kids and adults of all ages and comes in a good money value ranging from Rs 7000 – Rs 8000.

    We have put together our Top 6  Picks of piano keyboards to buy in Nepal, which is also super budget-friendly and all under Rs 10,000!
    Lastly, the best choice of piano entirely depends on what you’re searching for, what level you’re at and how you plan to use it! 

    Happy Playing! 🙂 

    We’re here to help.  

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