Top 5 considerations while buying audio interface in Nepal


In today’s competitive market, there are lots of audio interface options you can choose from. Frequent questions like – “How to pick the right one, that not only meets the needs for now but also comes handy for future or how much budget should one be spending on it?” can strike in the buyer’s mind when buying an audio interface. Especially in the context of Nepal, we want to buy an audio interface that’s not just top-notch quality but also is budget-friendly.   

It is challenging but it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the options and terminology the market has to offer, but Treasure music’s here with some buying guides which will help you navigate the choices you need to make, to find the perfect interface that best meets your needs, here in Nepal.  

What is an audio interface?

Before we move on and give you the best consideration to keep in mind before buying an audio interface, let’s first discuss what an audio interface does.   

Well, an audio interface is any hardware that is capable of increasing the sonic capabilities of a computer. It converts analog signals into digital audio information that your computer can process. It sends that digital audio to your computer via some kind of connection (e.g., Thunderbolt, USB, etc.). Line-level analog input and output, one or more microphone preamplifiers or may have digital input and out in most models of audio interfaces. 

Let’s begin with 5 most significant considerations:   

1. Your needs  

Even if there is a sound card built in your computer, there are still some reasons you still need to use a dedicated audio interface. In technical terms, a sound card is considered as an audio interface however, due to minimal I/O and limited sound quality makes it less ideal for recording.   

It’s simple, if you want your voice or any instruments to have a good quality recording, you want to hear out the results, or want to mix and master your recording; you will need an audio interface.  

Using a reliable audio interface helps in recording and monitoring the production of quality audio. We also personally advise you to make a list of everything where the interface is involved, so it’s much easier to know which kind of audio interface is suitable for you.

2. What I/O you need 

One of the most important features you need to consider while shopping for your audio interface is its I/O (input and output) configuration. Basically, you’ll find simple two-channel desktop interfaces that can record just a pair of mono or a single stereo signal at once. On the other hand, there are larger interface systems that can handle dozens of channels and many inputs simultaneously. What you require to depends on what you plan to record now and in the future.  

If you are a singer or a songwriter, you may only need 2 inputs. Alternatively, if you are someone who owns a bigger studio, you may want to choose an audio interface that has plenty of line-level inputs and outputs. 

Native Instruments Komplete Audio2 USB Audio Interface-02

3. Connection format: 

As many of us record using computers, tablets, and smartphones, nowadays interfaces are designed to work seamlessly with these devices as well as the software these devices run with. The most common type of connections used is USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, PCIe. 

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4. Sound quality 

When you buy an audio interface you want to make sure it sounds great. Make sure you give enough time browsing the manufacturer’s website to check out their technical specification.

Things to look out for are a nice low amount of Noise and distortion and this is often expressed as Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N). The lower this number, the better the performance. 

5. Budget:

No doubt budget is one of the deciding factors for a lot of us when we’re buying something new, we all want the best quality for an affordable price.   

You need to be aware that even if you have a high-quality microphone and monitoring setup but own an interface with poor performance then it eventually comes down to nothing. Remember that even if you have recorded through a high-quality mic, noise and distortion will ruin the sound quality.   

Hence, spending a little more initially will give you more benefits in the future.   

The price of Audio Interface in Nepal ranges from (Rs14, 000 – 27,000). Treasure Music is offering Native Instruments Komplete Audio Interface at the best price in Nepal. The prices are much more inexpensive compared to the international rates.

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We’re here to help  

We’re hoping that by now you must have had a much clearer idea of what to look for when shopping for an audio interface. But with the different models to choose from, we understand you might need a little help in selecting the perfect audio interface. That’s why we’re here to help you. Please feel free to contact us or email us at 

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